May 31, 2023 to June 1, 2023
Europe/Athens timezone


There many options for accommodations in Heraklion which can be explored using

A number of hotels offer reduced rates for visitors of FORTH. These are:

To obtain the FORTH rates, which are likely but not 100% certain lower than what offers, you need to contact each hotel directly and mention that you are a visitor of FORTH.

All hotels meniotned in the above list are within walking distance to the city center with easy access to  public transportation. Please check this Google map to obtain a useful perspective. 


There are very many good restaurants in Heraklion. If one avoids the ones displaying photos of their plates, it's hard to go wrong. A number of restaurants with very good food are proposed here by VC, all within ~10 min walking distance from the city center. You may use Google Maps to locate them, as well as Tripadvisor to read reviews.

  • Petousis - Excellent traditional Cretan cuisine [restaurant of the meeting dinner]
  • Kouzineri - exceptional high quality steak house
  • Peskesi - more elaborate/original cretan dishes
  • Plani - small restaurant with a yeard with traditional Greek/Cretan cuisine 
  • Koukouvagia - more elaborate greek/cretan selections
  • Ippokampos - excellent seafood selection just by the old port
  • Paralia - excellent seafood selection just by the old port
  • Mare coffee bar & food - breakfast/lunch/dinner coffe/drinks by the sea


For those who stay an extra day or so the following are strongly recommended